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This is a website gallery with impressions gathered in cities and locations from across Europe. Tried to keep it tidy and in two colors only – black & white.
All the pictures were taken on the road with no particular purpose. There is a brief description underneath each section, sharing basic information and my personal feelings about the places shown in the picture.


An exciting city. A rich mixture of magnificent past and sunny charm. It represents the heart of the whole Spanish world, always full of life. Warm and friendly people everywhere – even in the cold and windy winter. At the pre-corona time.


Here it is, a small but significant Bavarian town. It’s one of the cultural capitals of Germany and also a living baroque museum, a place of beautiful architecture and music. Richard Wagner was welcomed here to build an opera house upon his conception, followed by an almost two-century-old festival tradition, named after him. Bayreuth possesses a special appeal – an amalgamation of medieval atmosphere, music, and a green and young city of today.


The beautiful Austrian capital on the Danube lies in a wide sunny valley, surrounded by green vineyard hills. This amazing city has numerous historical and cultural layers, great architecture, and artistic spirit. Don’t forget the emblematic Stefansdom cathedral – all these make it a great tourist attraction. With its mild climate, well-organized residential areas and green parks, the city is considered one of the best places to live.

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